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Graceland Cemetery on a summer afternoon

    Graceland Cemetery Association, Inc., is a non-profit, tax-exempt cemetery corporation whose purpose is to operate, maintain, and beautify the historic Graceland Cemetery in Abbeville, Louisiana.

    The corporation was created in 2002 when the affairs of the cemetery were reorganized.  The Board of Directors of Graceland Cemetery Association was comprised of representatives from several community service organizations in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana, including the Abbeville Masonic Lodge No. 192, the Vermilion Historical Society, the Abbeville Woman's Club, the Abbeville Lions Club, the Abbeville Rotary Club, the Woodmen of the World, the Vermilion Genealogy Society, and others.

    Graceland Cemetery is supported primarily by donations from individuals, families, and organizations.  A management fund has been established to assist in meeting the operating expenses, but private donations are still needed.  Graceland Cemetery makes no representation that it is a perpetual care cemetery as that term is defined by Louisiana law.  An investment fund has also been established, and it is hoped that eventually the investment fund will be able to support all of the needs of the cemetery.

    We welcome you to browse our website by clicking on the the buttons on the left or on the links below.

    To determine the location of a particular grave within the cemetery, click first on the "Listing" button, then go to the name of the person to get the Section, Block Number, and Lot Number of the grave.  Go to the "Cemetery Map," click on the appropriate Section to enlarge the map, and you will see the Block and Lot Numbers.

    We are in the process of collecting pictures of the people buried in Graceland Cemetery, to be displayed on this website.  You can see the pictures we have collected so far by clicking on the "Photographs" button.  If you have such pictures and want to submit them to us along with some information on the person in the photograph, please click on "How to Send Pictures."

    To purchase burial or cremation spaces, or to obtain a permit for burial, construction, or any other purpose, click on "Contact the Sexton."




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